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March 6th, 2016 7:03 AM by Claire Johnson

Thinking of moving to the Florida Keys but concerned there is not enough things to do.  If you have a love of the water, warm weather and a close community - the Florida Keys might be a place you want to consider moving.  I have lived in Islamorada for almost 20 years.  At least twice a day, I am crossing over Tea Table bridges and NEVER get tired of looking over at our beautiful waters - Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay - all in one glance.  There is usually someone on the water at any given time - whether they are going deep sea or backcountry fishing, sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, kiteboarding, snorkeling / diving or just boating.  Our waters are crystal clear; sometimes you feel like you are boating in a swimming pool because of the clarity.  It was a breezy day when I shot this video.  Amazing to watch the talent of these kiteboarder.

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