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Florida Keys Real Estate - April Market Update

April 16th, 2019 5:07 PM by Claire Johnson

Quick real estate market update for the first quarter in 2019.  Our season started a little slow this year but has gained momentum as we near Easter.  The real estate inventory has increased turning our market into a Buyer's market.  I believe this will be short lived but time will tell.  

What is a Buyer's market?  A buyer's market is when we have more than 6 months of inventory.  At the end of March, we had about 8 months of inventory and I believe the end of April will get the market closer, if not back, to a seller's market.  Many have seen a reduction in list prices, DO NOT confuse this with a decrease in market values.  Our market has seen a 9% increase in market value compared to last year.  Being a tourism base economy, we have seasons; which means real estate non the Keys has seasons as well.  We have to wait for the consumers to come down!  

If you are interested in buying or selling real estate, please give me a call - 305-731-4602!  Let my 18+ years of selling in the Keys, work for you!  

Thank you for watching!  

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