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Islamorada, Sport Fishing Capital of the World

March 7th, 2016 1:34 PM by Claire Johnson

Islamorada is known for being the Sport Fishing Capital of the World!  Why is that? Living in an area where the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades National Park located in the Florida Bay are just minutes from each other.  You have an opportunity, in Islamorada, to catch many types of fish.  Here is Caribsea Charters, located in Islamorada, catching a swordfish - during the day - a few years ago.  This video catches the excitement and anticipation of reeling in a 500lb + fish!  Caribsea Charters, owned by Kenny Spaulding, has fishing in his blood.  He is a multi-generational fisherman.  The young man narrating is Kenny's son and he is just as talented as his father, uncles and grandfather!  If you want to catch fish, call upon Caribsea Charters!  And call me, if you want to live in this magical place and get your FISH ON!  

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